Kimberlee Johnson

❤️ Featured on the Twilio Champions blog

After I partnered with Chloe Condon on a project to celebrate Mean Girls Day last year, Chloe nominated me to be a Twilio Champion.

The program sounded like so much fun, getting to collaborate with a community of developers, share learnings through blog posts, and sport some Twilio swag.

I didn't think I'd actually be accepted, so when Twilio reached out I was surprised and thrilled. And the surprises didn't stop. After I built a few more projects, they asked to feature me in some photos and videos at their Signal conference. After the photoshoot, the city, state, and country all shut down because of COVID-19, and Signal pivoted to a virtual conference in the fall instead of an in-person one in May.

Especially during this time, when we're all stuck inside, I am so grateful for digital developer communities. The Champions program has been such an important one to me, and you can read my and other developers' thoughts about why over on Twilio's blog post. If you're a developer interested in getting involved with the program, please shout! I'd love to help.