Kimberlee Johnson


Sauti Databank

Screenshot of bar charts on

A data visualization project for Sauti manages an SMS platform that East African border traders use to look up realtime market data. We converted that data, collected from SMS queries and stored in an array of objects, into a readable, then visual format.

Stack: Nivo (D3js), React, Sass, Node.js, MySQL.

Role: In addition to collaborating on a five-person developer team to create a new data model and ETL process for Sauti, I also drafted back-end routes to decrease front-end load, optimized performance with a Node.js script, and managed documentation so that a new team of developers could pick up the project where we left off.

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Ride for Life

Mobile view of the Ride For Life marketing page, featuring a woman holding a baby and a sign in button.

A marketing page for Ride for Life, a Safe Mothers, Safe Babies app that allows pregnant mothers in Uganda to take safe, affordable boda-boda rides to medical appointments.

Stack: HTML, CSS, LESS, JavaScript.

Role: As the solo-developer on this project, I drew from my previous experience working in Uganda to design a mobile-first site, and brought it to life using media queries.

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Clouds at sunset behind a standard app login screen.

An app that performs a psycographic analysis of a user's tweets once they connect their Twitter account. The analysis includes graphs comparing a user's results to the average user and also suggests a list of users with similar psycographic traits.

Role: I partnered with another front-end developer to design and implement how the user would interact with the app, and what data would be displayed with each user click.

Stack: React, Redux, styled-components.

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Mean Girls Day Bot

In honor of the Mean Girls meme, I built a mini-bot that responded with "It's October 3rd" on October 3rd, and partnered with Chloe Condon at Microsoft to write up a blog post about the app and the tools that made it possible to build it quickly. Since it's obviously not October 3rd all year, I then updated the app to respond with random quotes from the movie by building and deploying a basic REST API.

Role: I followed Twilio's terms of service to have fun building this little demo.

Stack: Twilio, Microsoft Azure, JavaScript.

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